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Open Cart Migrations

Powering almost 1 million websites, OpenCart is one of the most popular choices for shopping carts online. Choosing to switch from your current platform to this online store management system makes sense, but it’s essential that you include SEO Open Cart migration as part of your strategy. There is a massive amount of work to be done if you want to do this successfully, and our team is ready to help you make it happen.

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Introduction to OpenCart Migrations

If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been part of your strategy for your ecommerce business, and it should be, you know how much time and effort is required to ensure you check all the boxes. If you migrate to OpenCart without taking OpenCart SEO migration into account, it could have serious consequences for your business.

Not migrating your SEO to OpenCart means more than having to put all that time and effort into it all over again. You also risk losing your site’s indexing and search engine rankings, which could lead to a significant reduction in your site traffic, ultimately affecting your bottom line. Our SEO Open Cart experts will manage your site migration effectively, helping you to enhance your conversion rates, reach a larger audience, boost your brand visibility, and improve your brand credibility.

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Our Migration Process

Our OpenCart migration process ensures that all your SEO work on your existing site is carried over to the Open Cart platform. The process includes preparatory work, work done during the migration itself, and post-migration work.

Preparing for SEO Open Cart Migration

Our SEO Open Cart migration process starts with ensuring all elements of your existing site, such as content, data, and links, are accounted for. Once we have a record of all elements large and small, we can start making the move to your OpenCart platform. The site elements we take account of include:

Analytics data

Our SEO for OpenCart team will save a year’s worth of Analytics data, all URLs that generate traffic included, before the migration. This means we will have a record of URLs and comparison data should Analytics get damaged or lost during your site migration.


We take an account of all backlinks to your site using a tool such as Ahrefs.

Google Analytics code

Our team will take note of the correct Google Analytics code for your site as well as the type of implementation that is used.

Google Search Console data

Our SEO Open Cart migration experts will save a year’s worth of Google Search Console data, which provides us with crawl data for pre- and post-migration as well as ranking data for comparison.

Keyword rankings

We will use Ahrefs, Semrush, or a similar tool to identify all previous and current ranking keywords before your site migration.


Our team will implement a ‘wild card’ redirect, which will account for weird parameter URLs. The redirect will comb your existing site’s URLs for redirects and query strings to a single static link, which normally is your new site’s homepage. Using this and other data we’ve collected to this point, we will create a redirect map.

Site audit results

Our OpenCart SEO migration consultants will perform an audit of your existing site to look for duplicate content pages, 301 redirect chains, 404 errors, and main headlines (H1s) and metatags that are long, short, or missing. We will fix any issues on your new site, which should stabilize or increase traffic after your OpenCart migration.


We will take account of all URLs on your existing site which should be moved to your new site. Will ensure all URLs, especially those which generate traffic, are accounted for by checking the Analytics and backlinks data we saved. In addition, our team will check your Analytics data for weird URLs such as search parameters and results, and we’ll make sure they are redirected properly.

XML sitemap

Our experts will submit your old XML sitemap containing all the URLs you want moved to your new site to Google Search Console and ensure all redirect chains are contracted.

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During Your Site’s SEO Open Cart Migration

With all the preliminary work in place, our SEO Open Cart migration team will begin moving your site to OpenCart. There are two important elements we focus on during this phase in the process:


Test site creation: First we create a test site that replicates your new site on OpenCart. Users cannot access this site. The test site allows us to identify potential and actual issues before the migration proper. We will fix any issues that were flagged during the audit of your old site, and we will audit the test site to identify any issues that escaped detection. Additionally, our OpenCart migration consultants will make sure your new site’s design, features, and layout conform to SEO best practices. We will optimize keywords, implement breadcrumbs, and size and tag images appropriately.

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Why migrate to Shopify?

Minimize on-page changes: We will make as few changes as possible to your site’s content and design during the OpenCart migration. This is to ensure that Google does not reindex your site, which is likely to happen if the search engine has crawled your old site. Reindexing due to changes to anything from text and images to the site architecture could affect your site’s search engine rankings, leading to a significant decrease in site traffic.

Our team will mirror your old site’s structure, categories, and non-primary pages, and will review how dynamic pages such as search and filter pages are handled, as well as the pagination regarding the way in which these pages should be crawled and indexed. All this will make it easier for our OpenCart SEO migration experts to identify the causes of any SEO fluctuations.

After Your OpenCart Migration

After your OpenCart migration, our team will check that nothing on your site broke during the migration. We will also make adjustments to your site’s SEO to ensure that your new site is crawlable by search engines. Our post-migration checklist includes:

Checking Google Analytics

We will check that Google Analytics is configured properly and that it picks up on your OpenCart site’s traffic.

Crawling old URLs

Our team perform a crawl of old URLs in your redirect map to check that everything redirects properly.

Crawling your old or test site

Our SEO Open Cart consultants will perform a crawl of your old site or your test site to check that all issues have been resolved.

Setting up a Google Search Console domain

We will set up your new OpenCart domain in Google Search Console and submit the XML sitemap.

Checking Google Search Console weekly

Our team will check Google Search Console for crawl stats, sitemap submission issues, and other errors on a weekly basis for a period of time after your site migration.

Comparing Analytics data

We will compare and contrast organic traffic and revenue numbers by comparing Analytics data for two weeks, one month, and two months after migration.

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Why Migrate To OpenCart?

By now, you might be wondering if SEO Open Cart migration is worth your while. Making the change is something to consider if you want an ecommerce platform that is easy to use.

The platform offers your business the chance to expand globally, as it allows for multiple businesses in different languages on one platform, and it offers more than 20 payment systems. OpenCart also offers free support and free downloads, and it lets you create numerous different reports that can help you make informed decisions for your business. Let our SEO for OpenCart experts handle your site migration to this popular platform.

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