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WordPress SEO Migration

With all the time, energy, and effort you put into your WordPress WooCommerce site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you obviously wouldn’t want to lose all the work you’ve done when you move your site to a new domain. Our experts can assist you with an efficient and effective WordPress SEO WooCommerce website migration.

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Introduction To WordPress Site Migration

Our experts can implement WordPress site migration with very little impact on SEO. We will take all the necessary steps to minimize the effects of migrations, although minor fluctuations in a site’s content rankings can be expected.

The WordPress SEO migration process we follow transfers your current site’s search engine ranking, indexing signals, and authority to reflect important changes in your site or site’s URL structure. Thanks to this process, your site will not lose its search engine visibility, including traffic and rankings) after the migration. Without this process, or by not doing it properly, you risk losing your site’s search engine rankings, leads, and traffic. Google determines authority by using domain-level metrics, so you would lose those site quality indicators. Search engine bots will need to recrawl your site at the new location

Beyond this, there are a number of content and website errors that might impact SEO during your WooCommerce WordPress migration. Among them are 404 Page Not Found errors, broken links and redirects, duplicate content, and missing images. Ensuring that you take care of all the preliminary preparation and resolve website and content errors before your WordPress migration can be a complicated and stressful process, which it’s best to leave it to our team of experienced consultants.

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Our Migration Process

Our site migration WordPress process has been honed to ensure the migrations we handle are kept on track and completed on time. The result is increased search engine visibility for the sites we migrate. The process includes:

Site Backup

We will create a backup of your existing WordPress WooCommerce site so if the launch of your new site doesn’t go according to plan, we can revert to the old site until those issues are resolved and the migration is successful.

Test Site Creation

Our WordPress SEO experts will create a test site which duplicates your new site for testing the changes that will be made to your live site. The test site, which users will not see, also allows us to review site functions and the look of content, and to implement and test URL 301 redirects before going live. This part of the WordPress migration process means there will be no need to update internal link and sitemap URLs before and after the launch of your new site.

Current Site Crawl

We will use a tool such as Moz Pro or Screaming Frog to crawl your existing site for a full content and URL inventory. Our experts will use this inventory to map old URLs to new URLs in the 301 redirect map and to resolve issues on the test site. The inventory will help you and our team to prioritize which content pieces to move from your WordPress WooCommerce site to your new site and which internal links to update so that they reflect the new URL structure.

Prioritizing SEO Importance of Site URLs for Redirection

Our SEO WordPress experts will crawl your site for an inventory of all URLs on your domain. Next, they will use analytics and SEO data sources such as Google Analytics, Semrush, and Majestic to compile data about those URLs, scoring the content with the most search engine value, which further assists us in prioritizing 301 redirects, content, and other elements for updating, removal, or consolidation

301 Redirects Implementation

Our team will use the prioritized elements to create a comprehensive 301 redirect map and implement it on your new site. This ensures that the URLs and internal links from your old site redirect to the new URLs. We will crawl the map before implementing it to ensure no redirects are broken, as well as after your new site’s launch to ensure all redirects work properly.

Updating of Internal Links

We will use a tool such as Screaming Frog to find your site’s internal links and anchor text as well as the pages the anchor text is one. After updating the new URLs and making an inventory of them, we will update all the internal links on the test site to eliminate broken pages and internal redirects.

Custom 404 Page Creation

Our WordPress SEO migration experts will create an engaging custom 404 page which your site users will see if they ever encounter a broken page. The 404 page will help them to navigate to either your homepage or another page that will help them find what they’re looking for. Without a 404 page like this, users might leave your site altogether if they land on a broken page.

Google My Business and Bing Places Updates

Our team will update your website link to your new domain in Google My Business, other citation pages, and Bing Places. Optimizing Google My Business is an essential part of your local SEO strategy. Google will verify your business and the searches to rank you for using this data.

XML Sitemap Update

Our experts will ensure all your new URLs are accounted for, create a new XML sitemap for attachment to your website and uploading to Google Search Console.

Domain Change Notification for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

We will use Google Search Console’s Change of Address feature and Bing’s Webmaster Tools to notify the search engines of your site’s domain change for indexing purposes as soon as your new site launches.

Schema Addition or Migration

Our team will add Schema to your site if you want it or will migrate your existing Schema to your new site. We’ll do this by copying and pasting it into body content, populating it through Google Tag Manager, or implementing it via a WordPress migration plugin.

Robots.txt Update

Our WooCommerce WordPress site migration consultants will update your site’s robots.txt, which indicates to search engine crawlers which parts of your site to crawl and which they should not crawl. We’ll also submit your robots.txt URL to Google Search Console.

Backlinks Updates

Our team will use a backlink tool to find the pages that are collecting backlinks and we will reach out to the sites that link to yours so those backlinks linking to your site can be updated.

Post-Launch Performance Measuring

Our team will ensure that your new site launched properly and will check Google Analytics for several weeks to measure your new site’s performance. We will check that pages are receiving search traffic, check page speeds on various browsers and devices, and take note of engagement metrics.

Pre- and Post-Launch QA and SEO Audits

Our WordPress SEO team will conduct Quality Assurance (QA) and SEO audits before and after migrating and launching your new site. This is to check that all content, links, mobile items, pages, and tags are accounted for.

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Why Migrate From WordPress WooCommerce?

As good as a platform as WordPress WooCommerce is, other ecommerce platforms might have a better offering for your business. If you have found a platform that offers advanced security features, easier management and administration, faster lead times, and the possibility of minimized downtime, you should consider WordPress site migration.

As you can see, the amount of work involved in WordPress SEO migration is significant. It’s best not to attempt it on your own if you are not familiar with the many different phases required for a successful migration. Leave the task in the skilled hands of our SEO services for WordPress migration.

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